The Broken Masculine,
it’s not working for men
and it’s not working for women either.

Men – we want your sensitivity
your emotion and feeling and insight.
You can surrender too,
we will hold you there.
We are much stronger than the broken Feminine
pretended she wasn’t.

We have birthed children,
fed hungry mouths,
and nourished the entire world
into Being.

There is no need to see yourself as broken,
you are whole, and that is exactly the way
we like you.


Thankfully I’m starting to collect around me a group of men whom I adore. They are sensitive, emotional, colourful and yet I’ve seen their shame in feeling that they don’t fit in, they don’t fit the “masculine mould” yet what I’d like to say is that you do. Oh my god, you so do, it’s just that you’re looking the wrong way. It’s not out there that you’ll find the masculine, it’s right where you are. Because, you see, that “out there mould” is broken. It’s not working for you, and let me tell you it’s not working for so many of us women too. More than anything we want men who can listen, who can hold, who have insight and instinct and intuition too, and we are strong. We are not weak. As you hold us, we will hold you too.