I am about to publish my first book of poetry and prose called ‘Nobody told me what beautiful looked like’. It is a portrait of my life, in poems. A portrait which revealed itself, herself, in a very short space of time, and which felt to me like sound, and colour and texture, like past and future and present all prophetically merged into one.

It is a journey that I undertook in order to discover the truth of who I really am, without judgement, without expectation and without the shackles of constraint that our society, our families and even our friends can unwittingly place upon us. But of course, by far the biggest jailer, was myself. And it took a whole heap of courage to shed the skin of a life that deep down I knew just didn’t look like me anymore.

It will be available to buy in August 2016 – via Amazon.co.uk or Amazon. com – as an e-book or in paperback version.

I’ll keep you posted with progress – so keep tuned to my instagram, facebook or twitter accounts as I’ll be releasing bits and pieces, sounds and film, to give you a flavour of things to come.<3