Hi everyone <3 So my book is finally available on Amazon Kindle – Enjoy!!

Did you ever struggle with feeling beautiful?
Did you ever struggle with sex and hunger?
Did you ever struggle with loving yourself, your body – every single inch of her, any single inch of her?

Well, if so, then this book is for you.

It is a book about womanhood, and it is a book about intimacy. It is a book about how we as women are so scared to fully feel into who we are at the deepest, most raw, and most intimate levels of ourselves.

It is a book about being brave. About being brave enough to face our hungers, to face our fears. And to finally let who we truly are, the places we have hidden and shamed, that we have run from and that we have misunderstood, fully and honestly and vulnerably, just show up.

So come join me on this journey. Let us feel through together some of the most powerful, delicate, struggles and themes that our human condition offers us.
Let us dance through it all – in the music of sensual, magical, visceral and enchanting poetry and prose.

Let us disover what beautiful really looks like!”