IT’S OUT, IT’S OUT, IT’S FINALLY OUT! My first book of poetry and prose is now available to buy!

As some of you may or may not know, I left my job in the NHS about 9 months ago now … to simply write. No other plan, no other agenda, just to write. Every morning while in the NHS I would wake early, in the pre-dawn hours, just to write and write and write.

And it got to a point where I became so tired of stealing minutes and hours here and there. This compulsion, posession, had taken me, and so I decided to be brave, use up my savings, and do what I knew deep down I could not ‘not do’ any longer.

And this is what emerged. I first had the idea to publish some of my poems about 5 months ago, and honestly it has felt like an eternity, but in fact it is simply the blink of a starry eye.

And I ask only one thing. To please be gentle in your reading. It is a deeply personal book, all 248 pages of it. As one of my poems reads –

‘Pieces of me fall onto the page.
pieces of me,
have fallen onto this page,
this page you are reading,
holds pieces of me.’

So yeah, without much further ado. Here is the link, I can now say I am a published author and poet in my own right! Woohoo!
And my prayer is also this. I hope that in some way my story can encourage some of you to be brave. Whatever that means for you. I have learned that truly there is no other way to live.

Love, Beth <3